the internal mechanics of not liking yourself

January 2023

come for Tweenie Halpern, stay for the five Cissys

November 2022

on Stardom and why and what i think that man makes us feel

August 2022

a jimmy mcgill character analysis to complement the kim piece
subtitle Give Rhea Seehorn Her Emmy Please God

June 2022

on biopics, myth-making, and why it's stupid to look for truth in the irrationality of fame

May 2022

a diatribe on the achy breaky of it all

March 2022

perspective shifts & the musical theatricality of bruce springsteen’s "thunder road!"

October 2021

a pretty warranted adulation alongside a pretty boneless observation
what would it mean for marge simpson or carmela soprano to move on to the next life, partnerless?

August 2021

it matters that the muppets are built and controlled by human hands!

June 2021

a study of wild fashion billy joel describes in his lyrics